Why Should I Buy A Double Sided Mattress?

Before the arrival of one sided mattresses, manufacturers built mattresses that were usable for sleeping on both sides. The two upholstered sides ensured a greater degree of longevity, allowing people to flip the mattress over and prevent sagging mattress problems. However, about 15 years ago, many manufacturers started making only single sided mattresses that are unflippable.

Fortunately, there are still brands and manufacturers of conventional mattresses. In mattress stores like Mattress Makers, you can buy both queen and king size flippable mattresses that will provide you and your partner with comfort and durability for many years.

Read on to find out how a double sided mattress can bring the ultimate sleeping experience into your San Diego home!


Even the best mattresses will begin to tear and degrade over time so being able to flip your mattress and use the other side certainly comes in handy. Adding a second side extends the life span and durability of a mattress. If you want a good reversible mattress, seek brands that specialize in flippable mattresses.

If they are properly and regularly rotated and flipped, double sided mattresses will wear more evenly and last approximately twice as long as single sided coil mattresses. You will get firm, comfortable and more consistent support for your body that will stand the test of time. And the better you take care of your flippable mattress, the longer it will last!


A double sided mattress is designed to provide a double comfort! Comfort materials and padding layers on both sides of the mattress support system give you the luxury of having two sleeping surfaces. This ensures that you have a good night’s sleep and renew your body – every night, for many years to come.

Most one sided mattresses are comfortable in the beginning but sag and wear after a while, which downgrades the initial comfort. That’s not the case with double sided mattresses. Flipping your king or queen size mattress will help maintain a consistent level of comfort and performance, keeping the mattress in the tip-top shape.


You may prefer to sleep on the harder surface during winter and on the softer side in the summer. Not a problem! Another advantage of double sided mattresses is that they can provide both hardness and softness.

Pay attention to mattress brands and types when you go shopping. By purchasing a mattress that has different firmness levels, one on each side, you will get a mattress that can match the sleeping needs of a wider range of people. Also, in case one side of the mattress is stained or damaged, the other side is still a viable sleeping surface.

Great value

Double sided mattresses can offer you full value for your money. With proper maintenance, your double sided mattress will retain a good, long-lasting comfort and life. Enjoy the versatility and durability of your double sided mattress and get a perfect night’s sleep you deserve!

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