Rize Contempo II

Adjustable Base

Drift off to sleep in the weightless feeling of the zero gravity position. Preprogrammed with 3 different positions (zero-gravity, anti-snore, and lounge) means your perfect position is right at your fingertips. Whether you like to read or watch tv in bed you can position your bed however you like it. The head tilt built into the base gives you more support for your head and neck combined with the wall hugger feature means your night stands stay close by. Included is a massage feature, under the bed lighting, and outlets on the sides to give you everything you need for a comfortable sleep.


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Three generations later at Mattress Makers, we are still family owned and operated by three brothers, Pablo, Gabriel and Samuel. We still pride ourselves on our continued commitment to our grandfather’s original promise as we hold ourselves to the highest of standards as we craft our mattresses with only the finest materials.